Ever Seen a Volunteer Clear a Five Foot Fence?

I mentioned in a previous blog that we had a snake problem at the Nunn, CO location. To be honest it was almost as if the property and the snakes that inhabited it didn’t want anybody living there. That was my impression at least.

To make it even worse, we had a winter wheat field to the east of us and as soon as that field was cut and harvested, we were inundated with rattlesnakes seeking any crevice they could possibly find on our property.

I had some volunteers out to help one day. Karen and her son Elijah who would later become like family to me and are still close friends today.  Elijah had an incredible way with animals and at the age of nine when he started with us, he could handle any horse, chicken, you name it. He was very gifted and still is.  He also enjoyed snakes.  His mother did not find this amusing.

On one particular day, Elijah and Karen were out to help and came across a massive rattlesnake.  Now I have to say I have never seen a grown woman move so fast in my entire life. Karen managed to clear a five foot fence in a matter of a few seconds to get away from that creature.  Elijah on the other hand was trying to figure out exactly how to capture this thing as his mother was yelling at him hell no.   In the meantime I was working to convince them that we needed to spare the snake’s life, bag it, bucket it and relocate it.

Karen to this day looks at me as if I am crazy for wanting to save that damn snake.  It was only later in the year when I opened my back door to a HUGE rattlesnake curled up right on the step with its head pointed at me and rattles shaking that I got over wanting to save rattle snakes. I went in and out of the house through the window that day until all was clear.

Somehow we made it out of this place alive, nobody nailed by a snake and all animals in one piece.

The funniest rattlesnake story though would have to be the day I heard Tank, an old pit bull we had pulled from a local humane society barking the, “there’s a snake” bark from his yard.  This time I wasn’t messing around.  I grabbed my twelve gauge, hiked my happy ass outside and found that snake slithering next to an empty dog house (no animals were near).  I took aim and fired that gun right at that snake.  Blew a giant hole right into the side of that dog house. I swear the world went quiet and nothing made a sound for a split moment. I remember that snake paused and looked right at me.. He then slithered away shaking his head at what a bad shot that was. Haha! In the meantime I was trying to make sure my shoulder was still attached because I nearly blew it off backwards during the recoil of that gun and could no longer feel it.

Never shot that gun again  and thankfully I was the only one around when this incident occurred.  Bwahaahaa. Now the whole world knows omg..lol.



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