You Did WHAT?!

What crazy person in their right mind takes in a Boar Hog?

I do you betcha. lol What was I thinking?!! I had a phone call come in back in 2007 from a man who must have by the luck of happy days caught me in a good  mood because somehow he convinced me to take in this really nice raised by a child boar hog.

My first question to our vet was..Can he be castrated?  The look on his face..priceless. I took that as a no.  Regardless of all of the warnings of caution I was given, Charles was a wonderful hog. He was never aggressive, LOVED his giant mud hole and was able to roam the Sanctuary at will.

I remember one day I was under the truck trying to do an oil change and just happened to roll myself out to grab a tool. There I lay, face to face with Charles the pig. I think I may have needed to change my underwear. That is not a position you want to be in with a 900 lb hog in the history of ever!!  Couple of deep breathing exercises later and some feed, he was safely locked back into his pen!

Our first winter in Grover was a rough one and I was still getting to know the layout of the facility. We had a HUGE dumper of a storm in April that literally buried Charle’s pen and him in 6′ drifts.  This was back before we had a tractor that was operational or any way to dig anything out.  So some of our wonderful volunteers and I geared up, donned our shovels and went to digging him out.  Thanks to the help of a dog named hunter, we found Charles snuggled safely in his shelter completely buried in snow.  He was nice and warm, talk about insulation!

I started digging from the top and managed to get a hole in the snow for him. All I remember after that is him barreling out of that shelter like his rear end was on fire and my yelling RUN!! RUN!! to the volunteers as we scattered to get out of his way. HA!

Charles lived his life out with Denkai and passed away several years later due to kidney failure.


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