Of Bunny Slippers, Goats and Hoes

One of my rescue adventures involves an elderly couple located near Loveland, CO. Because of health reasons they were headed for greener pasture and had a herd of small goats that needed to find placement.

Now speaking to them on the phone, it all seemed like a pretty easy adventure. Get in, get paperwork done, load goats and leave.  NOPE that would have been way too easy.  They failed to mention the adult daughter who would later go a bit mental on us because she was convinced the goats were hers and she was not letting them go hell or high water.

So I arrive with a giant ass horse trailer which I had to oh so carefully back into the smallest space ever without hitting equipment, vehicle and other shit in the meantime. I mean seriously, it took a bit of skill and was not fun the first time.  The seemingly normal folks who had called me in the first place appeared out of a camper that they had been living in on the property and proceed to show me the goats that need to be loaded. We make a plan to get them onto the trailer and I had them paperwork to fill out.

Just as I thought again that this was going to be sooo easy, enter sandman..Ahem I mean adult child in a pink bathrob, bunny slippers and a lil bit o cray cray.  At this point and I quote, “we are stealing her goats”, “we will not be leaving with her goats” the fun went on and on.  She then moves the pickup truck in front of my rig and proceeds to take away the key from her parents so that the truck is blocking us in and we can’t get out..YUP here goes crazy.

She then proceeds to pick up a hoe..yes a gardening hoe and walk up to my side of the truck in an effort to beat the crap out of me..with a gardening hoe.  At this point I am literally trying not to laugh and manage to get my shit together enough to talk her off a ledge and make peace ish.

Now her parents are trying to talk to her and explain that she will not be able to care for the goats on her own, there is no money to feed them, they can’t starve.  Bathrob bunny slipper lady doesn’t care, she just needs to hhhaaavvveee them to looooooooooove them.  Her level of agitation is growing.  So I ask..”who does the property belong to?” The parents say it is in their name I say ok well I would feel better with the Sheriff’s dept here,  so until they get here, we are going to drive back out onto the dirt road and wait for them.

Enter Sheriff’s department twenty minutes later…Now apparently..they have been here before……a lot.  At this point bunny slipper bathrob lady is in the house with firearms. Ya parents failed to mention that little detail.  Sheriff dudes are positioned outside the house, guns in hand, behind cover.. HOLY HELL are you serious right now.  Why did I not just get in the truck and leave..??  Oh ya.. that’s right, because I was worried for the animals.

In the meantime, I proceed to help the parents load goats and I mean it was grab and toss (not literally) but we had to move quickly to get them into the trailer and make sure they weren’t running back out on us at the same time.  Pretty soon one of the Sheriff’s comes on back and says, you better get out of here, she’s getting agitated..I’m thinking to myself NOW she’s getting agitated? Should have seen her before you got here pfft. lol

Anyhow, goats in trailer successfully, my crew and I hauled our and the goats happy asses home.  Funny thing was that the trailer lights just so happened to not be working as we pulled out with the Sheriff behind us..Guess they had other things on their minds 🙂


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