Big Girls Don’t Cry…Oh Wait, Yes They Do..

You might have a doormat sign on your forehead if..

In the beginning, fifteen years ago, rainbows and butterflies adorned my image of rescue and all I wanted to do was save the world; animals and people. I loved to help, it made me feel good.  Thinking back on this today I just would rather barf..

Anyhoo on to my point with this blog.  Once upon a time I took in a mother and her daughter. They lived in the house with us for a short period of time until they could find a place to go and take their animals with them.  This means that along with them came their dogs and their horses.  Round one was successful, they did get back into a place to live and out of my house.  Cool Right?  For about a minute..

A year or so later, they landed on my doorstep again, same problem, they were kicked out with nowhere to go. Only THIS time they had dogs, goats, and horses. However, Denkai had just moved facilities to our 640 acre site and I was taking my dear sweet time in deciding whether I would take them in again or not.  Mom decided that maybe they should come out and help by volunteering their time for a day and that would surely seal the deal.  I went all day without mentioning any living situation to them and at the end of the day…Mom lost her shit.

Let me just preface this with, here is how manipulators manipulate…Mom decided to take a walk down the middle of the paved road out here in no man’s land and left daughter with me when she did this.  Yup…enter good Samaritan driving in a car who turns her in to the Sheriff, who drives her straight to the hospital and puts her on a mental hold..Then she calls me wanting me to come pick her up and bring daughter with me to do so.  I quote she was, “just so upset because they aren’t going to have a place to live.” BAHHHHHH!!! seriously.

So I go to the hospital to pick her happy ass up and leave daughter here, lord knows she has learned enough from Mom to last a lifetime.  Short story long, I let them live on site for a bit yet again until they could get back on their feet.  I gave them a small salary in exchange for helping to care take the animals here on a daily basis and keep things clean.

I think it was about the third time Mom went into and came out of my bathroom crying that I started to figure out she was full of shit and could cry on command.  What leads to this you say? Well…I happened to be double checking their work on behalf of the animals.  I should also preface this with the fact that we were going into winter, subzero temperatures and gale-force winds so I was extra worried about the animals in our care.

What I found pretty much put me through the roof, to this day I still get fired up about it.  Water troughs nearly all frozen solid with teeny tiny holes punched in the ice.  The holes were so small, in no world ever could an animal sip water out of them, ok maybe a cat but NOT a horse..Whewwww Floss no happy…What progresses is my confrontation of Mom, who proceeds to try to slam a 500 plus lb gate on me while yelling in my face that, “what I don’t think they are doing a good job?”

HAHAHAHAHAHA uhm quite frankly no and you may want to give me some space because yelling and proceeding to follow me is a VERY bad idea.  Some cooling off time later that day and Mom comes in to use the bathroom..She was fine when she went in..took her a little bit, but she managed to come out crying saying she’s sorry she has all this family stuff going on and blah blah blah bleh.

End of story…They moved on and we never talked again, it was awesome..That is until I ran into her yet again about a year ago due to an eviction issue with a home Mom was staying in with more animals than she can care for.  SIGH

The interesting thing with this woman is that she was able to manipulate people, especially men into letting her onto their property, use their vehicles, they gave her things, and then kicked her out when they figured out her game. I watched it happen so many times and hate to say that she got away with it for a little while with me too. Moral of the story.. don’t be afraid to have boundaries when it comes to shitty people.