Welcome to my blog!  I have meant for some time to write a book regarding my experiences in this field but until recently I wasn’t feeling the stories or memories coming to me as I had hoped.

Finally here they come, flowing like water from a leaky faucet.  I hope you enjoy my recollections, all of which are true and will share and pass them on.  I would love for this to in some way bring a little bit of light into an otherwise dark world for those of us that work day to day in the industry.


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The Early Years

The place was completely off the grid, windows broken out, there had been a fire in it at some point and walls were black. No heat existed, the windmill was broken and that was the only water source and the few solar panels that were there were haphazardly strewn and hanging, dead batteries to boot. I thought to myself..I can totally make this work 😉

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